Laboratory of soil mechanics

general info
Mirjana Ž. Vukićević, Full professor

The laboratory was accredited by Accreditation Board of Serbia in Noveber 2007 

(Certificate of Accreditation No 01-203)



The laboratory perform a wide range of tests to determine varios engineering properties of soil



•      Identification tests of soil: grain size distribution analysis, moisture content, organic matter,  

        content of calcium carbonate, liquid and plastic limits, relative density, unit weight determination 

•      Shear strength tests:

        1. Direct shear test

        2. Triaxial compresion tests (UU, CU, D)

•      Consolidation (oedometer) test 

•      Permeability tests (constant head and falling head permeability test)

•      Compaction tests (standard and modified Proctor test, CBR test)


Significant equipment

•      Direct shear apparatuses (strain controlled) with data acquisition unit, 3 apparatuses,

        CONTROLS, Italy

•      Triaxial compression test set with data acquisition unit, CONTROLS, Italy 

•      Consolidation apparatuses (9 apparatuses), with data acquisition unit, CONTROLS, Italy (6),

        MATEST, Italy (1), WYKEHAM FARRANCE (2)

•      Equipment for Proctor test, SOILTEST, UK

•      Equipment for CBR test


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