Institut of numerical analysis and structures design

Stanko B. Ćorić, Associate professor
vice director
+381 11 3218 544

Institute for numerical analysis and design of structures was founded in October 2002 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, as tradition bearer of the Engineering Computational Centre (ECC) – which was the pioneer in the computational analysis and structural design in Serbia.

The carrent staff includes accademics from the Department of Engineering Mechanics and Theory of Structures. Currently, the institute has 14 doctors of tehnical science, 1 master of science and 6 masters. 

The main activities of the Institute include static and dynamic analysis and design of coplex structures. The focus is on the linear and nonlinear structural analysis, as well as dynamic analysis of structures subjected to earthquakes, wind, traffic induced vibrations and maschine vibrations, as well as the analysis of safety of structures subjected to exceptional loads. 

In cooperation with other institutes of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Institute for Numerical Analysis and Design of Structures deals with the analysis of state and serviceability of structures, as well as  retrofit of structures like bridges, silos, chimneys,  turbo-generator foundation structures, buildings, etc.

Cooperation with industry has resulted with a lot of preliminary and general projects of complex structures. In addition, numerous studies, consulting and expertise have been done in the past few years.

Members of the Institute have participated in the development of the finite element software which has been broadly applied in the civil engineering computation and design in Serbia.

The Institute offers wide range of specialist consultation services to the industry, like expertise of stress- strain states of complex structures, projects’ revisions and numerical analysis and design. 


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