Basketball team in Milan, Italy, 2010.
Basketball team in Milan, Italy, 2010.

Sport is thought of as one of the best ways of active relaxation and as a sound entertainment, it is fun and has high social value that helps maintain health, physical fitness and work mode. Bearing this in mind, students organize sports activities, with the support from the Faculty and through the Student Sport Association "Građevinac".

The work of SSA "Građevinac" is defined in SSA "Građevinac" Rules of Procedure. The official sections of SSA include the following sports: football, basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis, chess, swimming and waterpolo. Each section is represented by a team captain who is in charge of its organization.

Sports Association of Belgrade University organizes student leagues and cups every year, where faculties compete in sports. Also, sport teams participate in `Građevinijada` each year, competing with other civil engineering faculties of former Yugoslavia. Each team, depending on its success, has the opportunity to travel to various international competitions.

In addition to traditionally good results in sports at `Građevinijada`, some of the major successes in recent years are:


Men's basketball

EuroMilano 2006 - third place, EuroMilano 2010 - third place, EuroValencia 2012 - third place

Men's football 

EuroValencia 2012 - first place

Women's football 

BIG2011second place, Student first league 2011/2012third place

Women's Volleyball 

BIG2011third place, Student first league 2012/2013 - second  place


Days of sport 2013first place


All the students who would like to become part of the team should contact the team captain.





Men`s football


Milan Stanojevic

Women`s football

Rajka Golijan

Men`s basketball

Igor Sapic

Women`s basketball

Milica Markovic

Men`s volleyball

Vukasin Grubic

Women`s volleyball

Rajka Golijan

Men`s handball

Dusan Blagojevic

Women`s  handball

Svetlana Ceca Ranilovic


Nikola Gergic


Ana Stojkovic

Waterpolo and swimming

Marko Popovic


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