Institute of materials and structures

Branko D. Milosavljević, Associate professor
vice director
Aljoša V. Filipović, Assistant professor
+381 11 3218 505

Materials and Structures Research Department at the Civil Engineering Faculty of Belgrade (in the Serbian language referred to as IMK) was founded on January 1st, 1978. The Research Department comprises the following research groups: concrete structures, metal structures, timber and bricked structures, building materials, testing of structures and building construction. The following associates (review November 2013) work at the Research Department: 17 persons holding PhD, full professors, associate professors and assistant professors, 7 junior lecturers holding Master Degree in Science, 8 junior lecturers – PhD students, 4 associate engineers and 6 administrative associates. Members of the Research Department are in fact all professors and associates of the Department of Materials and Structures at the Civil Engineering Faculty, as well as all non-teaching staff (expert associates, associate engineers, laboratory technicians, technicians and other). 

Research Department also includes two accredited laboratories: one intended for materials and another for structures. Apart from aforementioned testing the renowned laboratory also performs tests relating to cooperation with the industry and conducts scientific research in halls with regards to rheological properties of materials, and also undertakes extensive testing of models. These halls are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment needed for the performance of above specified tests.

In addition, numerous tests regarding experimental and practical part of lectures have also been carried out at undergraduate studies, graduate academic studies and PhD studies. Apart from all said, tests relating to experimental portions of PhD theses developed by Faculty associates and by many other colleagues not members of the Faculty have also be performed.

In terms of cooperation with the industry, the Institute has so far developed very many Preliminary and Detailed Designs, Studies, Revisions, Expertise, Reports on Professional Opinions, and has also conducted expertise relating to various types of facilities - buildings, sport halls, industrial halls, theatres, shopping malls, bridges, churches and other.


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