Name and surname Chair Office Phone Consultation appointment

Dr Violeta M. Vasilić
BSc Geodesy

Institute of materials and structures 334/I   3218 582  

Ivan M. Milićević
MSc Civil Engineering

Department of materials and structures 3 3218 618  thursday 13-14
Filip Trpčevski        

 Stefan M. Vranjevac
MSc Civil Engineering

 Department of roads, airports and railways 156  3218 561 thursday 15-16

  Mateja Z. Knežević
BSc Mathematics

Institute of mathematics, physics and descriptive geometry 332 3218 577  

Nikola D. Obradović
MSc Civil Engineering

Depatment of geotechnical engineering 161 3218 567  

 Igor Gajinov
BSc Civil Engineering

Department of engineering mechanics and theory of structures 336 0644555866 Mon. 12-13 Thu. 13-14
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