Laboratory for water quality analysis

The ion-chromatograph instrument with autosampler
The ion-chromatograph instrument with autosampler
general info

The scope and the research activities

        •      Physico-chemical analysis of water 

•      Analysis of drinking water, ultra-pure water, waste water and underground water

•      Laboratory tests and experimental set-ups for coagulation and flocculation, filtration,  

         adsorption and sedimentation

•      In-field analysis for the control and monitoring of control water quality parameters (pH-value

         analysis, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements)


The list of parameters and the range of activities covered in laboratory:

•      The analysis of water quality parameters cover: pH analysis, conductivity, suspended    

        matter, total dissolved solids, the residue after heating and evaporating, alcalinity, total  

        hardness, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, sulphates, chlorides, sulphides,

        calcium, magnesium, Chemical oxygen demand, Biochemical oxygen demand.


The list of laboratory equipment (apparatus and instrumentation):

•      Spectrophotometer  for  ion analysis in drinking, surface and waste water 

•      Ion Chromatograph (IC) for cation and anion analysis in drinking and ultra-pure water

•      The in-field analyzer of water quality for control and monitoring of some key-quality water


•      Multiparameter in-field analyzer (pH-value, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and temperature


•      Turbidity meter

•      BOD apparatus and incubator for BOD analysis

•      Analytical and technical scale for measuring precise weight 

•      The incubator for drying and preparing the samples


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