Word by the dean

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

Welcome to the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Belgrade web presentation!

University of Belgrade Faculty of Civil Engineering is the oldest and highest educational and scientific institution in the field of Civil Engineering and Geodesy in our country. Our Faculty has a long and rich tradition: in the field of construction in these areas, beginning of teaching is related to the year 1846,  when Serbian Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, by his decree, founded the Engineering school in Belgrade. Therefore, the year 1846 is also on the emblem of our Faculty with the Latin words: “studere docere, aedificare” symbolizing the activity of the Faculty in a field of education, science and profession. Graduate engineers from our Faculty have accomplished many significant achievements in designing and construction of all types of structures in the country and abroad, many of whom belong to great construction achievements. A large number of our former students work in the world's most prestigious construction companies and in the most famous universities worldwide.

This presentation is conceived to give visitors an insight into the life and work of our school, as well as to facilitate studies to our students. It provides information about the work of the Departments, Institutes, faculty Services, student organizations, Library. Students and other visitors can find curricula of all subjects here, examination tasks and results, materials for study and practising.

Students should be aware that the studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering are extensive and demanding due to the content of the activities that graduate civil and geodesy engineers do in their practice. The studies imply patient and persistent work, attending classes on a regular basis. Lectures and exercises are obligatory. Students who do accept that, from their first day, will achieve good results, the others will constantly be late with their obligations and might finally realize that they have wasted their time. Learning throughout the year is the key to the success in the studies. Construction techniques cannot be learned quickly and shortly before the exam period.

I congratulate the students who have enrolled this school year  the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, on the choice made and I wish them to achieve their lifetime dream and become graduate civil i.e. geodesy engineers as soon as possible.


Dean prof. Dr Vladan Kuzmanovic graduate civil engineer


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