Institute of hydraulic and environmental engineering

International E-learning Postgraduate Program
International E-learning Postgraduate Program
Nenad M. Jaćimović, Associate professor
vice director
Nikola M. Rosić, Assistant professor
+381 11 3370 206

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Welcome to the Institute of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering within the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Belgrade. The Institute is a teaching base of the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering for the performance of experimental and practical training in primary, master and doctoral academic studies, and special academic studies. 

The Institute promotes up to date research activities related to urban water management, hydroinformatics, environmental impact assessment, protection of environment, hydraulic of surface and subsurface flow, river basin management, hydrology, irrigation and drainage, hydraulic structures, hydropower, water supply and waste water systems, water quality, solid waste management, and others. 

Cooperation with foreign universities and international institutions has been practiced for years through joint participation in research and industrial projects and exchange of students and lecturers. Our partners are UNESCO (IHP UNESCO) and UN organizations (UNEP, UNDP, UNIDO), professional institutions (IAHR, IAWPRC, IAHS), World Meteorological Organization (WMO), governmental institutions and NGOs, universities and research institutions (University of Exeter, Kyoto University, Imperial College London, Monash Univeristy, University of Innsbruck, and many others). Cooperation with IHP UNESCO programme has been enhanced since the establishment of the Serbian National Committee for IHP UNESCO in 2010.

Constitutive part of the Institute is International Research and Training Centre for Urban Drainage (IRTCUD), established in 1987 under auspices of UNESCO. It is a co-ordination unit of the international network of regional training centres consisting of the centres for Cold climates in Trondheim, Norway, Humid tropical in Porto Alegre, Brazil and Regional Centre for Urban Water Management, Tehran Iran. The Centre is also co-ordinating the Network for Urban Water Management in SEE (South Eastern Europe). The main field of activities of the IRTCUD network is development and implementation of the advanced methodologies for integrated urban water management including storm water and waste water systems in urban, peri-urban and rural areas and their interactions with other urban water sub-systems.

Our cooperation with foreign universitiesis implemented through:

International E-learning Postgraduate Programme in Water Resources and Environmental Managemen (EDUCATE) is implemented together with our partners from the Region – National Technical University of Athens, University of Ljubljana and Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest. 

UNESCO Chair in Water for Ecologically Sustainable Development – is focused on achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and promoting education and collaboration with the intention of increasing skills, capacity and potential of professionals in water resources management field  and institutional development. 

In addition, the Institute provides the implementation of scientific research related to the field and laboratory measurements and processing of the data of current computational procedure and organizing and coordinating the technical activities of all members of the Institute.

The Institute of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering hosts four laboratories:

•       Laboratory for sanitary engineering

•       Laboratory for fluid mechanics and fluid flow measurement

•       Laboratory for hydrometry and hydrology

•       Laboratory for hydraulics and waterway regulation


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