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Library contains over 40.000 items
Library contains over 40.000 items


The Faculty Library was founded in 1949, soon after the Construction Department' exemption from the Faculty of Technology and the Faculty of Civil Engineering establishment in 1948. Within its collection, the Library comprises about 25 000 monographs in the field of civil engineering, surveying and related disciplines, near 10 000 textbooks, almost 500 titles of serial publications, reference collection with approximately 450 encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries, and other reference books, and a priceless number of rarities (featuring several XVII and XVIII century editions and 4 manuscripts from XIX century).

The collection of Library materials from all fields of civil engineering, in Serbian and in foreign languages, is comprehensively catalogued by author and subject both in hard-copy and in electronic version.

The Library Reading room had space of 300 m2 with 150 seats for students up to 1998. Rearranging this space into the Ceremonial Hall, the Reading room has been transferred to a renovated and functionally designed classroom 114, which has 58 seats, including a part on the gallery. All seats are equipped with computers that provide the access to the largest world electronic services through KOBSON database (an acronym for the Serbian Library Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition), thus the use of relevant scientific information in electronic form.

There is an additional reading room, reserved for teachers and researchers only, as part of the main Library room.

In accordance to the Library Regulation, the Library Board has important role in realization of Library activities. 

Library Board members

• Assistant professor dr Dragutin Pavlovic - president of Board

• Associate professor dr Goran Mladenovic

• Associate professor dr Ljiljana Brajovic

• Associate professor dr Zoran Stojadinovic

• Associate professor dr Snezana Masovic

• Assistant professor dr Sanja Jockovic

• Assistant professor dr Marko Marinkovic

• Assistant professor dr Milutin Pejovic

• Head of the library Ksenija Savic


Library staff

Ksenija Savic, the Faculty of Philology, MS in Library and information science - head of the library

Danijela Urosevic, Secondary school of economics


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