Student Parliament

My choice - Faculty of Civil Engineering!
My choice - Faculty of Civil Engineering!

The Student Parliament of the Faculty of Civil Engineering is the Faculty body through which students achieve their rights and protect their interests at the Faculty. Each enrolled student has the right to vote for and to be elected to the Student Parliament.

In recent years, the elections were held in mid-May. The manner of election, the number of members as well as the jurisdiction of the Student Parliament are fully described in the Rules of Procedure of the Student Parliament.

Student Parliament is represented in the Faculty bodies and actively participates in all issues related to students, to the quality of teaching and to the implementation of teaching process reform. Students should contact their academic representative for a request, suggestion, or any specific problem. 

Representatives of the Student Parliament for the period of 1st October 2013 to 1st October 2014:


President of the Student Parliament

Igor Uzon (


Vice President of the Student Parliament

Stefan Micic


Student Vice Dean

Ilija Reljic   (


Student representative - University Parliament

Stevo Kuridza     (







Igor Uzon

 4. year - structural engineering

Iva Gavrilovic

 4. year - structural engineering


Stefan Micic

 3. year - structural engineering

 2. year - civil engineering

Lazar Bogavac

 hidraulic and environmental engineering

Stefan Kovacevic

 management, technology and informatics in civil engineering

Milos Dimitrijevic

 road, railway and airport engineering


 2. year - geodesy

Dusan Petkovic

 2. year - geodesy master studies

Darko Markovic

 3. year - geodesy

Nikola Zugic

 2. year - civil engineering


 1. year - civil engineering

Ilija Reljic

 1. year - structiural engineering, master studies

Anastasija Martinenko


 1. year - geodesy, master studies

 1. year - geodesy

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