Publishing activities of the Faculty consist of preparation and publication of textbooks, reference books, monographs, workbooks and other scientific papers from the Faculty of Civil Engineering teachers and assistants. 

The capital work published at our Faculty is a monograph in two volumes "Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade 1846 - 1996" published in 1996. which was "... with the aim to celebrate, display and preserve from oblivion 150 years from the beginning of higher education of construction and geodesy in Serbia ..."

The First volume offers a chronological overview of higher education development, departments and scientific fields of civil engineering and geodesy in Serbia from 1846 to 1996. The bibliography of all teachers and assistants` works at the period is given in the second volume.

One of the recent monographs is dedicated to teaching in the field of concrete structures. The monograph above and all other published works can be found in the Faculty Library with over 40,000 items and are available in the Faculty bookstore.


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