Derby day
Derby day

Građevinijada is the traditional gathering of construction and geodesy students from former Yugoslavia. The gathering is held once a year, usually in May.

Građevinijada includes: student competitions in knowledge, sports and in other skills, various lectures and student social interactions. Građevinijada is visited by students from almost all faculties, higher schools and universities of former Yugoslavia. Građevinijada 2013 was recorded as the 40th Građevinijada in which the highest number of faculties participated. The practice is that, every year, another faculty organizes the whole event. More than a thousand students per year, from all former republics, participate here. The significance of Gradjevinijada is that it helps students create contacts among themselves establishing good relations that eventually result in various forms of cooperation. This is what makes this event a priority for each faculty and what contributes to establishing better relations between students, professors, and nations too.

Students from the Belgrade Faculty of Civil Engineering achieve outstanding results in sports and knowledge competitions at this event every year. Thus, they make their contribution to improving the reputation of our Faculty abroad in the best possible way.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and many business companies financially support the organization of this event. All students who participate at Građevinijada competitions, as representatives of the Faculty, are provided with food and accommodation during their stay at the event.The Faculty sees an opportunity in these gatherings to prove itself as the leading institution of this kind in the region.  

Also, in 2012, an idea of creating the Conference for Students from the Civil Engineering Faculties appeared. The first Conference was held at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, in December, 2012. The aim of this Conference is a further promotion of faculties and the establishment of better cooperation. Hence, this gathering is dedicated to discussions on study programs, student exchange, collaboration among faculties, etc.

Therefore, one can say with certainty that, our students, as well as students from other faculties in the region, participate in establishing strong connections between students and faculties. To a higher education system, this is an invaluable fact.



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