We care about the scientific research!
We care about the scientific research!

There has been a very lively scientific and technical activity at our Faculty, primarily organized in cooperation with numerous institutes and laboratories, but independently as well. Our teachers and Phd students tend to follow the latest trends in construction and geodesy science and practice. Scientific work has particularly increased in recent years, which led to an increase in the number of papers published in reputable scientific journals (SCI list). Also, the Faculty offers the opportunity to best final-year students to participate in scientific work.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering coordinates and participates in many national research projects financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, as well as in many international research projects. The following projects are currently ongoing:

International Projects



•      RECONECT  - RegeneratingECOsystems with Nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological

        risk reduction / H2020 Call: 08-2017, 2018-2022

•       ''Harmonization of UAS techniques for agricultural and natural ecosystems monitoring''

         (HARMONIOUS) / COST CA 16219, 2017-2022

•       Water Quality in Drinking Water Distribution Systems (Wat-Qual) / HORIZON 2020 Call:H2020-

         MSCA-RISE-2017, 2018-2019       

•       APOLLO- Advisory platform for small farms based on earth observation / EU Horizon 2020,


•       Fiber reinforced alkali activated composites (properties and selected durability aspects),


•       START - Danube Region Project Fund / Research of river port sediment and its potential use in

         civil engineering, 2015-2016

•       Quality specifications for roadway bridges, standardization at a European level / COST Action

         TU1406, 2015-2018

•       Resilient Kraljevo: Management of the Post-Earthquake Community Reconstruction Effort / SCOPES        

         (Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland), 2015-2018

•       ISABELA – Integration of Social Aspects and Benefits into Life-Cycle Asset Management / CEDR

         Transnational Road Research Programme, 2015-2017

•        Risk Assessment of Masonry Bridges under Flood Conditions: Hydrodynamic Effects of Debris

           Blockage and Scour / EPSRC Project EP/M017354/1 funded by the UK Engineering and Physical

           Sciences Research Council, 2015-2017

•        Support to Water Resources Management in the Drina River Basin / Svetska Banka, 2014-2017

•        Management in the Drina River Basin; Water and Climate Adaptation Plan for the Sava River

          Basin / Svetska Banka, 2012-2015

•      Water and Climate Adaptation Plan for the Sava River Basin / World Bank, 2012-2015

•        Мodernising geodesy education in Western Balkan with focus on competences and learning

          outcomes / ERASMUS+ KA2, 2015-2018

•        Mobility for learners and Staff Mobility /ERASMUS+ KA1, 2016

•        Inter-institutional agreement between University of Belgrade, Serbia and University of Aegean,

          Greece / ERASMUS+ KA1, 2015-2017

•        Inter-institutional agreement between University of Belgrade, Serbia and University Federico

          Secondo, Naples, Italy / ERASMUS+ KA1, 2015-2017

•        Mobility for learners and staff Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility / ERASMUS+ KA1, 2015-


•        Erasmus Mobility of Individuals with WestBalkan Partner Universities / ERASMUS+ KA1, 2016-2018

•        E-Asphalt - Fatigue and Self-healing Properties of Bitumen and Asphalt Mixtures / DAAD, 2016-2017

•       International Research and Training Centre for Urban Drainage / UNESCO - IHP, 1989-

•       IAHR Working Group on Compound Channels / IAHR working groups, 1990-

•       Chair in Water for Ecologically Sustainable Development / UNESCO - IHP, 2012-

•       SEEFORM – South Eastern European Graduate School for Master and Ph.D. Formation in



•       Research of River-Port Sediment and its Potential use in Civil Engineering / “START” – Danube Region

         Project Fund, 2014-2015 

•       COST Action TUD 1001 – Public Private Partnerships in Transport: Trends & Theory P3T3


 •       COST Action TUD 1003 - MEGAPROJECT: The Effective Design and Delivery of

          Megaprojects in the European Union


 •       InteMat4PMS - Integration of material-science based performance models into life-cycle-

          analysis processed in the frame of pavement management systems →                              


 •       Land and Property Management, Collaborative project within DAAD programme “Stability

          Pact for South East Europe”


 •       Reconstruction and revitalization of railway infrastructure in accordance with regional

          development, Serbian-Slovak Science And Technology Co-operation

•        COST Action ES1206 - Advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems tropospheric products for

          monitoring severe weather events and climate (GNSS4SWEC)

•      COST Action TU1301 - NORM for Building Materials (NORM4BUILDING


•      COST European - Cooperation in Science and Technology, to the Cost Action 1403: New and

        Emerging challenges and opportunities in wastewater reuse (NEREUS) / European cooperation in        

         Science and Technology (

•        SCOPES (Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland) Joint Research

  Project with ETH Zürich - Recycled aggregate and fly ash concrete: Economic and

  technologic study. From down cycling to urban ecology.



•       COST Action TU1304 Wind energy technology reconsideration to enhance the concept of smart cities (WINERCOST)  / COST – European cooperation in Science and Technology (, 2014- 2018

•       ”Resilient Kraljevo: Management of the Post-Earthquake Community Reconstruction Effort”  

          / SCOPES (Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland), 2015-2018

•       X-ARA – Cross-Asset Risk Assessment / CEDR Transnational road research programme, Topic A: Ageing Infrastructure,  2014 – 2016

•       Razmatranje prostornih uticaja u masovnoj proceni vrednosti stanova, br. projekta  451-03-3095/2014-09/34 / Bilateralni projekat – Srbija- Slovenija,  2014 – 2016

•       Recycled aggregate and fly ash concrete: Economic and technologic study, From down cycling to urban ecology / SCOPES (Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland),  2014-2016

•       Modernising geodesy education in Western Balkan with focus on competences and learning outcomes / Erasmus+ КA2,2015-

•       Erasmus KA1 - Politehnički univerzitet u Temisvaru / Erasmus+ КA1,  2015-

•       Erasmus KA1 - Universita degli studi di Napoli Federico II / Erasmus+ КA1,  2015-

•       Erasmus KA1 - Aegean University / Erasmus+ КA1,  2015-

•       BENEFIT - Business models for Enhancing Funding and Enabling Financing of Infrastructure in Transport (, grant agreement No 635973 / HORIZON 2020, poziv: MOBILITY for GROWTH 2014-2015, Topic: Analysis of funding schemes for transport infrastructure, MG-9.3-2014, 2014-2016

•       AEOLUS4FUTURE – Efficient harvesting of wind energy / H2020 – MSCA-ITN-ETN,  2014-2017






Projects of the Ministry of Education and Science, organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering

•       TR 36020 - Improvement of geodetic infrastructure in Serbia for needs of the modern state  


•       TR 36046 -  Investigation of vibration effects on humans and buildings in the aim of the  

         sustainable development of cities

•       TR 36048 -  Research on civil strucutres condition assesment and methods improvement

         respect on serviceability, capacity, economical and maintance

•       TR 37009 -  Monitoring and Modeling of Rivers and Reservoirs / Physical, Chemical, Biological

         and Morphodynamic Parameters

•       TR 37010 -  Urban Drainage Systems as Key Infrastructure in Cities and Towns

•       III 42012 - Improving the Energy Performance and Quality of the Interior of Buildings of

         Educational Institutions in Serbia with the Impact on Health


Projects of the Ministry of Education and Science where the Faculty of Civil Engineering is a participant

•       OI 174017 - Spaces of functions and operators on them

•       OI 171028 - A new approach to foundational problems of quantum mechanics related to

         applications in quantum technology and interpretations of signals of various origins

•       TR 36002 - The planning and management of transport and communications using the

         methods of computational intelligence

•       TR 36008 - Developments and applications of scientific methods in the design and construction

         of economical structural systems using new technologies

•       TR 36009 - The Application of GNSS and LIDAR Technology for Infrastructure Facilities and

         Terrain Stability Monitoring

•       TR 36012 - Research of technical-technological, staff and organisational capacity of Serbian

         Railways, from the viewpoint of current and future European Union requirements

•       TR 36017 - Utilization of by-products and recycled waste materials in concrete composites in

         the scope of sustainable construction development in Serbia: investigation and environmental

         assessment of possible applications

•       TR 36028 - Development and improvement of methods for the analyses of soil-structure

         interaction based on theoretical and experimental research

•       TR 36035 - Spatial, ecological, energy and social aspects of settlements' development and

         climate changes-interrelationships

•       TR 36038 - Development of the method for the production of MEP design and construction

         documents compatible with BIM process and related standards

•       TR 36043 - Development and application of a comprehensive approach to the design of new

         and safety assessment of existing structures for seismic risk reduction in Serbia 

•       TR 37005 - Assessment of climate change impacts on water resources in Serbia

•       TR 37013 - Developmet of decision support system for large dam maintenance in Serbia

•       III 42008 -  Improving EnergyEfficiency in Buildingsin SerbiaandEnhancementof


•       III 43006 - The integrated management of natural conditions as a factor of geohazards

         occurrence on the territory of Serbia

•       III 43007 –Studying climate change and its influence on environment: impacts, adaptation and


•       III 43009 - Advanced technologies for monitoring and environmental protection from chemical

         pollutants and radiation burden

•       III 44002 - Astroinformatics: application of IT in astronomy and close fields 

•       III 44006 - The development of new information-communication technologies, using advanced

        mathematical methods with applications in medicine, energy, e-governance and the protection

        of national heritage

•       III 45003 - Optoelectronic nanodimensional systems - way towards the applicationеni

•       III 45016 - Production and characterization of nano-photonics functional structures in bio-

         medicine and informatics

•       III 47014 - The role and implementation of the national spatial plan and regional

         development documents in renewal of strategic research, thinking and governance in Serbia

•       III 47017 - Security and protection of organization and functioning of the educational system

         in the Republic of Serbia (basic precepts, principles, protocols, procedures and means)


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