Dr Milan S. Kilibarda
Label [M]: evaluation of scientific results ref. year
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International monographs
  • Krunić N., Bajat B. , Kilibarda M. (2015) Dasymetric mapping of population distribution in serbia based on soil sealing degrees layer. [M14]
International journals
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International conferences
  • Bajat B., Krunić N. , Kilibarda M. (2011) Dasymetric mapping of spatial distribution of population in Timok Region. In: Proceedings of International conference Professional practice and education in geodesy and related fields, Klavodo-Djerdap, Serbia. [M31]
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National journals
  • Bajat B., Krunić N.,Kilibarda M. , Samardžić-Petrović M. (2011) Spatial modelling of population concentration using geographically weighted regression method. Journal of the Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijic, SASA. 61 (3), pp.151--167. [M51]
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Technical reports
  • Krunić N.,Bajat B., Kilibarda M. (2015) Baza podataka prostornog raporeda stanovništva i gustine naseljenosti u Srbiji / Kritička evaluacija podataka, baza podataka, prikazani detaljno kao deo međunarodnih projekata, publikovani kao interne publikacije ili prikazani na Internetu. [M86]
  • Kilibarda M., Bajat B., Protić D., Sekulić A. (2015) Geoprostorna baza podataka potencijalne solarne insolacije za teritoriju Srbije. Technical report. Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Belgrade. [M86]
  • Bajat, Branislav and Kilibarda, Milan and Pejović, Milutin and Petrović, Mileva Samardžić (2018) Spatial Hedonic Modeling of Housing Prices Using Auxiliary Maps. [M]
  • Hengl T., Kilibarda M., Carvalho-Ribeiro ED. , Reuter HI. (2015) Worldgrids: A public repository and a WPS for global environmental layers. WorldGrids at http://worldgrids. org/doku. php. () [M]
  • Kilibarda M., Bajat B., Branisavljević N. (2014) Laboratory for development of open source geospatial technologies: Role in education and research. Geonauka. 2 (2), pp.6--11. [M]
  • Kilibarda M. (2013) A plotGoogleMaps tutorial. . () [M]
  • Nestorov I , Kilibarda M., Protić D. (2011) Optimal conformal projection for pan-European mapping. Belgrade. nestorov@ grf. bg. ac. rs. () [M]
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